Vangaveeti Movie Review – Half Baked

vangaveeti-447874Movie: Vangaveeti
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Producer: Dasari Kiran Kumar
Music Director: Ravi Shankar
Starring: Sandeep Kumar, Vamsi Nakkanti, Vamsi Chaganti, Naina Ganguly Rating: 3/5

Chalasani Venkata Ratnam earns fame as a Left party leader fighting for the poor in the Vijayawada city. While Vangaveeti Radha ( Sandeep Kumar) is a small roadside rowdy, get close to Venkataratnam and earns name more that of Venkataratnam. His growth and popularity become undigestable for Venkata Ratnam, who later invites him to his house and insults him. Radha seeks revenge for the insult and stabs Venkataratnam.

Radha later grows as a Leader in the city. In the meantime, Devineni Gandhi (Kautilya), Nehru (Sri tej) are students who join hands with Radha to start students union to protect rights of the students.

Left party heads feel that Radha has become troublesome for the party and even questioning the party existence in the city, thus they decide to eliminate him. They call him for a settlement and kills him. Radha’s brother Ranga become an alternative for Radha’s followers.

Meanwhile difference popup between Ranga and the two brothers Gandhi and Nehru, both these brothers decide to have their own union. Sensing life threat from Devine brother’s, Ranga followers kills Devineni Gandhi.

Ranga gets a ticket from a National party and wins as an MLA at the same time Nehru too gets MLA ticket from a Local party and wins as MLA. Gandhi / Nehru’s brother Murali seeks revenge and kills Ranga’s followers, he also dares to give a warning to Ranga’s wife Ratnakumari on phone. Sensing danger from Murali, Radha followers kills him.

The Local party ruling the state decides to take tough action against growing Rowdyism in the Vijayawada. Masked thugs kill Radha who is on a dharna in front of his house while highlighting people’s problems. RGV cleverly left the answer to the public as who was behind Ranga’s murder?.

Most of the actors in the film are newcomers, Sandeep Kumar appeared as Vangaveeti Radha and Ranga, has done an excellent job. He has shown variation as agitated punt at the same time impressed as a politiacal leader. Saina Ganguli as Ranga’s wife has impressed with her performance. Happy days fame Vamsi Chaganti as Devineni Murali was impressive. Other roles have also done justice to their roles.


The movie is based on a relelatic event that took place in 80’s, Varma once again proved himself best in handling such stories. However, RGV missing his ‘magical taking ‘ and the quality in this film. He is giving more importance to his brand value by promoting his voiceover, which is very irritating. Theis gives a feel as if someone is watching a documentary or a news. Instead of concentrating the story, RGV tried to elevate some scenes. Varma mark cinematography, BGM is impressive. Hyper violence is a minus for the film. Production values are good.

The first half runs with Varma mark scenes and emotions, The pace slowdowns with Ranga’s political entry. Varma fails to keep the momentum of the film in the second half, although the murders of Murali and Ranga falls in the second half. Varma chooses to end the film with ranga’s murder. After Ranga’s murder, many political changes took place in Vijayawada. Varma left the controversy without touching them. Varma did not reveal who was behind Ranga’s murder, instead, he satires stating that only Vijayawada Kanakadurgamma knows the answer but she remained expressionless.

+, The first half
+, Actors
+, The atmosphere of the ’80s
– The second half
– Dialogues & Violence

Overall Vangaveeti is a Verma mark revenge drama with lots of violence.

Half Baked!