Vallabhaneni Vamsi tender his resignation ?

vallabhaneni-vamsiThe ruling party Telugu Desam Party MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi has resigned from his post.

Hurt with the attitude of the government officials and  IAS in the Chief Minister’s Office, he reportedly put down his resignation letter.

Vamsi represents the Gannavaram Assembly seat in Krishna district. His resignation caught the attention of TDP national secretary general NARA Lokesh who is making efforts to pacify the leader thru AP TDP President Kala Venkatrao.

Going into details, One official from AP CMO interfered in Delta sugars Hanuman Junction in Vijayawada issue which led to Vamsi’s resignation. Another TDP MLA, Bodi Prasad, observed the matter and took a resignation letter from Vamsi and tore it. Furthermore, this was brought to the attention of Lokesh. The party’s senior leader, Venkatrao was handed over the issue.

There is a proposal to move delta sugar from Hanuman junction to Tanuku area. However, Vamsi was against the proposal as the farmers were depended on it , He along with farmers went to speak to the chief minister.

But, an officer from the CMO office blocked the MLA Vamsi and told him to talk to him on this matter. Despite waiting for 2 hours , Vamsi did not get CM’s appointment . This led to heated debate between official and Vamsi and because of the rude behaviour of Official , Vamsi has put his resignation papers.