V6 big head convince Bithiri Satti to revoke resignation

sattiThere was lot of buzz in media about popular anchor Bithiri Satti who earned unprecedented popularity with Teenmaar program in the channel has left the channel after he had quarrel with the management. But Bithiri Satti is back on the Teenmaar program telecasted on Nov 10.

Sources say the big head of the channel, Vivek had spoke to Satti and made him convince to take back his resignation. Satti with his gestures and sensible comedy has become the most popular star on TV and the Teenmaar program is the highest rated program on V6.

The channel reportedly given all privileges and freedom to work with hefty package. The camera unit of the program used to follow wherever he says to shoot. Some of them complained against him and the management questioned him . Without any second thought Satti reportedly resigned.

V6 which is planning to start its new entertainment channel do not want to lose the charismatic satti and thus the channel head has convinced him to stay back in gteh channel.

C..Ramesh alias B.Satti is from ranga Reddy district born in 1979 , he has completed intermediate , came to Hyderabad , face many problems to settle as Bathiri Satti in V6.