US techie wife clears the air about his suicide

techieThe wife of a software engineer Madhukar Reddy from Bhongir committed suicide at his house in Seattle in the United States, has revealed some interesting facts about her husband’s suicide.

Madhukar Reddy Gudru hanged himself. While the family suspect his wife Swathi was behind his death, Madhurkar relatives allegedly assaulted Swathi during his funeral in Bhongir near Hyderabad.Swathi lodged a complaint with the Bhongir police.

She went on records to say that, she had medical records of Madhukar to prove that he was undergoing psychiatric counselling. She said one of the reasons for his depression was that the family was losing land in Bhongir, and the main reason was ‘work related’ . Madhukar got a query for his H1B extension .

She even revealed the phone conversation of Madhukar speaking the last words.She also said that Madhukar gave around Rs 70 lakhs for his relatives which are yet to be cleared. They even planned to buy a house for which she had paid 59k from her pocket.