US reviews Saudi airstrikes in Yemen killing 150

yemenAt least 150 people were killed 500 injured in the Saudi and its 10 Major allies’ airstrikes that hit a funeral home in Yemen’s capital of Sanaa.

US launches ‘immediate review’ of support to the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen after deadly strike, backing Saudi bombs a FUNERAL in Yemen, massacring 150 people .

Jamie McGoldrick, the UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, condemned “the horrific attack”.The rebel Houthi-run government said a Saudi-led coalition was responsible .

Thousands of civilians have been killed since the Saudi-led air campaign started last March, the UN’s rights body says.

Nearly three million people have been displaced in Yemen since The Houthis took the capital then, forcing Mr. Hadi’s government to flee.

The Houthis are backed by Iran and its members follow the Shia Islamic branch of Zaidism. Zaidi’s makeup around a third of Yemen’s population and ruled the country’s north for almost 1,000 years until 1962.