US officials treating Telugu students as beggars

usaOver 22 Telugu students from New York and 18 Telugu students from Seattle were deported by US immigration officials.

The student who returned to Ravi gandhi International Airport claimed that, US officials are exhibiting biased attitude towards Telugu students. Despite of carrying all documents with them, US immigration officials are not convinced about the universities , they have selected.

US officials are treating Telugu students as beggars says Anil, who was deported from New York. He says, immigration officials are giving them two options – either to withdraw or deport. If a student tries to question them , they are putting handcuffs and terminal arrest, says Anil. He demanded the government of India to take this issue with US government.

While the US said that a series of students deported in recent weeks were denied entry not because of doubts over the credibility of the American universities they were planning to attend, but because of discrepancies in their immigration documents.

Last week Air India had stopped 19 Andhra Pradesh students headed to two California universities from boarding a US-bound flight, citing instructions from American immigration officials . While the universities like NPU and other universities claim that they are not blacklisted.