US Consulate officials participate in plantation prog

Representatives from the U S Consulate General Hyderabad and iGoGreen Foundation today planted a school garden with the students of Sri Vidyanjali School, Kukatpally, here.

On the occasion, they organized the activity to demonstrate the importance of home grown vegetables and natural farming.

Mr Jayaprakash Nambaru, Founder of iGoGreen, encouraged students to take small steps in their daily lives to improve their health and the environment.

He explained how simple actions like eating organic food instead of junk food and cultivating indoor and outdoor plants can have a large impact on health at the same time making the community greener.

‘We are here today to help you get started on a path towards better health and a greener environment, Assistant Public Affairs Officer Elizabeth Jones told the students. ‘With a little bit of effort from every one of you every day, your school can have a beautiful garden that provides fresh vegetables and fresh air’. Director of the School, Ms Hemalatha, promised that the school is prioritizing care for environment and citizenship, and the garden serves as an important component of the students’ education as well as a great step towards each student’s health and well-being.

She hoped that the school garden will inspire students and their parents to begin gardening at home.