Upendra quits his own party to join BJP

rp_kpjp-300x225.jpgAhead of Karnataka polls, Kannada Superstar Upendra quits his own party KPJP over internal power struggle and joins BJP.

Upendra was facing a struggle in his own party, Some of the party members tuned rebels against him. Subsequently, Upendra joined the BJP.

Last year, Upendra started a party. However, his party leaders are deeply upset that he is acting as a dictator. Party Vice-President Shivakumar spoke on Monday with the media. “Upendra is the big film actor. But he is acting as a dictator. Assembly elections will be held in the state within two months. But he does not mind what matters. No manifesto has been created for elections. If we ask any questions, he does not listen to us and does not respond. Party leaders and activists are deeply dissatisfied with the misconduct, “he said.

Shivakumar’s allegations were dismissed by Upendra’s spokesperson. “He said that Shivakumar is talking to media against the Upendra. The change in politics does not come overnight. It will take time. People should understand this, .