Upendra 2 Movie Review – Bouncer

upendra2Producer : Priyanka Upendra
Staring : Upendra, Kristina Akheeva, Parul Yadav, Shobraj, Bank Janardhan, Biradar
Director : Upendra
Music Director : Gurukiran
Cinematography : Ashok Kashyap
Rating : 2.5/5

Khushi (Khristina) is a psychology student wants to explore about a man who only thinks of present and who is always happy as told by her professor. She finally finds him in a remote village, he i none other than Nuvvu(Upendra) appears. Neenu is always happy and works hard for others; he lives in the present and does not think about the future at all.. Khushi conducts numerous tests on him and he passes in all of them! Baffled by the state of his mind, Khushi decides to marry him and takes him along with his family . A day before their engagement, she gets a call from Sailaja (Parul Yadav) who narrates him the story of “Nuvvu” (Upendra) and tells her that Nuvvu is Neenu a cheater.


Upendra has shown brilliant variation in character Nenu epitome of ego, shamelessness, desire, anger and all the things, which is considered as bad in the world and Nuvvu , who stands for humbleness, detachment from materialistic world and above all emotions and feelings, in short, saint.His hairstyles and attire are “different” and entertaining. Kristina looks cute on screen with good costumes .

Upendra too goes in upendra style of making , at the beginning of the film , the end credits are shown and at the end the starting credits are shown. Updrean has given a message to leave ego but the film ends abruptly without proper ending. Upendra was sow n with three head, one is nuvvu other is nenu and the third one as villain.  The film is a bouncer for normal film audience , who are unaware of Upendra typo films .If you are a Upendra fans..definitely go watch it .