Unnecessary things are been magnified: Subba Raju

subba-rajuTollywood Actor Subba Raju has attended the Excise Directorate at Nampally in Hyderabad at 9: 45 AM after been summoned by SIT officials who are investigating the case.

The interrogation lasted for more than 13 hours till 11:15 pm in the night, around 50 questions were posted to the actor including his links with drug peddlers, the private parties, regarding pubs, regarding bank transactions and regarding other actors.

After coming out from SIT office Subba Raju addressed the media and said ” SIT has sent notices to me and I have already told that I will be attending the inquiry on July 21st and I have attended it.

This is an inquiry is going on in a very serious case as school kids have turned into drug addicts and many others are becoming drug peddlers. I have cooperated with SIT officials. Some Unnecessary things are been magnified and I hope the state and the and the SIT will go to the roots of this issue.”.