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ungarala-rambabu-reviewMovie: Ungarala Rambabu
Actors: Sunil, Miya George, Prakash Raj, Posani Krishnamurthy, Ashish Vidya, Ali, Vennela Kishore, Rajeev Kanakala, Raja Ravindra, Madhu Nandan, Prabhas Seenu, Thagubothu Ramesh, Duvvasi Mohan and others.
Music: Gibran.
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Shastri, Rahman.
Photography: Sarvesh Murari.
Compose: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao.
Producer: Paruchuri Kireeti.
Director: Kranthi Madhav.
Banner: United Movies Limited.
TeluguSquare.com Rating 2.25/5

Rambabu (Sunil) is born rich and grew up without knowing the difficulties, was also the heir of 200 crores property. After the death of his grandfather, all the property is disturbed and he remains with empty hands. Fake Baba- Badam Baba (Posani Krishna Murthi) seeing Rambabu in ashram tells him that he is fortunate and advise him to plant an almond plant to get back his property.

When Rambabu goes to plant Badam tree he finds 200 crore worth gold biscuits and then onwards he becomes a strong believer of astrology. He starts a transport company and runs 100 Volvo buses. he faces day-to-day problems in the business.

Badam Baba advises to marry a girl with a fanciful horoscope, Rambabu comes to know that his manager in office Savitri (Miya George), has such horoscope and starts loving her. Is Savitri is the same girl advised by Baba? , Who’s 200 crores gold is this?

There is nothing new in Subnil performance, body language and dancing, but he has done some impressive moves. Miya George’s role is restricted to some dialogues and songs. Prakash Raj’s role lacks strength in the film. Posani as Badam Baba and Venu as his disciple, Ashish Vidyardhi, and Vennela Kishore were entertaining. The rest of the characters were just okay.

Director should have done more homework on story and screenplay. The photography is okay. Music tracks are good. Production values are good.

Sunil had performed all acting techniques that he knew. But should have given more in terms of comedy. Due to the story of the director, the scenes have lost its scope. There was much scope for humor when the lead character is crazy about astrology & horoscopes. When the director took the story in that direction he suddenly brings Dubai episode.

The lead character mad about the horoscopes, the role of Communist leader Ranga Nayyar, Prakashraj and Posani as Badam Baba were designed well but failed in execution. The director failed to sketch the story around them.

In the second half of the story, the story goes to Kerala where There is a new Communist leader Prakash Raj’s and a village set Errapola vanam were good but the taking of the director was not up to the mark.

The scenes (Mandaram Mandaram) looking for dog, bicycles betting was a bit difficult for the viewer. Even the songs were not up to the mark visually. Kranthi Madhav, who has done good films, failed to present a good film. The impact of several movies is clearly visible in Rambabu. When sensible directors attempt commercial movies, the result generally would be crap.

+ Sunil Dances
+ Posani comedy
– Story, narration
– less entertainment
– Stretching scenes


Gingirala Rambabu