Ungarala Rambabu Inside Talk

ungarala-rambabuActor Sunil’s ‘Ungarala Rambabu’ is all set to release tomorrow and here is the inside talk of the film.

According to filmnagar sources, Sunil is a son of village head and a strong believer of astrology , he faces tough situation after his father’s death. He comes to Hyderabad and meet a fake guru Posani Krishna Murial and finds gold biscuits bag that belongs to Ashish Vidhyarthi.

With that money Sunil starts his own transport business and his bus meets with accident due to drunk driver’s fault. Heroine Miya George records it and blackmails Sunil to get a job . Sunil who is basically lazy again meets Posani to get rid of problems.

Posani suggests to meet a Vidyu but Miya George replace her to marry Sunil. The film is about as why Miya George is following Sunil?, Who is her dad? . The film is said to be average film at Box Office.