UKUP story contest !!

Makers of the movie ‘Uh Kodatara Ulikki Padatara’ are running a huge contest asking the viewers to tell the story of this movie. It is heard that most of the viewers are getting the story-line right.

One look at the trailers of the movie, will give many answers in the first glance itself. The story is weaved around Balayya and Manoj all the time. We can notice easily that Manoj is a bad chap who works for good causes. At the same time, a palace is about to get hands changed and there comes the soul of Balayya into Manoj to save it from peril. Simply saying, Balayya’s soul in Manoj’s body forms the base of this story. However, Lakshmi Manchu seems to be a surprise element, maybe she is the villain, few say.

Most viewers are said to be giving same thought and this is not only creating buzz for the movie, but hype is also getting exaggerated. Contrastingly, Manoj revealed the other day that UKUP is having loads of dark-comedy where audiences will laugh uncontrollably.

One more day to go and we will know the actual story and fate of this most hyped flick of the season.