UKUP heading towards disaster

Is Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara heading towards a disaster? Well if one believes what the trade has to say it looks like that is inevitable unless something remarkable and out of blue happens.

The film opened well on Day 1 but subsequently the poor word of mouth spread and the fall in collections were visible from Day 1 itself by the evening shows. It saw a fall further on Saturday, On Sunday it has just managed to get a share around 1 crore in AP. and today (Monday) it has seen a crash in many places. With budget reported to be 23 Cr by the producers this one looks to be a major money loosing proposition indeed.

According to Trade reports, The movie was released with 11 crores deficit ,but still it could not manage to collect 12 crores atleast, East Godavari report say ,the distributors already lost 70 lakhs  and same report are emerging from other areas too. With such negative reports from day 1 and with this pace its hard for the movie to survive for more than a week.