UKUP follows Eega’s success mantra

After Eega’s producers buzz on piracy which gave them huge publicity and helped for  Eega success, The makers of UKUP following same publicity stunt to gain the attention of public have taken the piracy problem seriously. Mohan Babu had earlier announced rewards for those who help the police in tracing the piracy copies before release.

Yesterday in Anantapur, the UKUP film’s anti-piracy team, raided a videos outlets in Anantapur with the help of local police .  Tirumala Videos in Kamalanagar has been alleged to be involved in piracy on a big scale for long time now, the owner was arrested . It is said that watermarking technology has been of great help in identifying the culprits.With increased stress on stemming out the scourge in cooperation with the law-enforcing agencies, it looks like good days are going to come for Telugu film industry.