‘Ujjawala’ home became hub for prostitution !

Ramanthapur’s Ujjawala Rescue Home center also known as ‘Ujjawala homes’ established by the government are being run with support of NGOs, for rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked women. “Most women and child victims are harassed both physically and mentally. While they are rescued and brought to the home.

Recently 20 odd women who were arrested in prostitution case and sexually exploited were brought to this center and still under trail. Unfortunately 9 Men from Mumbai attacked this center and took four women with them who belong to Mumbai and Kolkata.

Women staying there say, the strangers came with Iron rods in their hand and warned them if they shout and security was not that enough to handle them.

Meanwhile, Local people and Women organization attacked this center today, alleged that Ujjawala home became hub for prostitution and blamed that the officials are encouraging women to get involved in prostitution and are selling them.