Two Telangana key leaders skip Mahanadu

mothukupalliTelangana TDP Mahanadu was held on Thursday (May 24) at the Nampally Exhibition ground. In this program, TDP national president Chandrababu Naidu delivered an inspiring speech with enthusiasm. However, the two key leaders of the party skipped the meeting.

TDP senior leader Motkupalli Narasimhulu, BCC welfare committee national president, LB Nagar MLA R. Krishnaiah were for Mahanadu program. There was a hot discussion about them in Telangana Telugu Desam Party. This absence has accelerated the speculation that the two leaders are leaving the party.

For the past few months, it has been reported that Motkupalli is himself at a distance from the party who pinned hopes of becoming a Governor.

Motkupalli spoke to a news channel about Mahanadu’s absence. He said “In Telangana, the party has suffered serious losses. All this was informed to Chandrababu. But there is no reaction from his side. The MLAs who won the TDP have defected from the party. Another leader Revanth Reddy joined the Congress. Besides, he is making comments that TDP party will merge into the Congress. It is surprising that Chandrababu did not react to these developments, “said Motkupalli.