Two on One !!

Tollywood has a dream start for the New Year with both the big budget films clicking. However, as to which movie would dominate the market we will have to wait and see. Interestingly, both the movies might cater to their own specific audiences as one is targeted towards younger movie goers and mass crowds while the other at family audiences and kids.

Every one appreciating this healthy competition , especially Ramcharan’s who is still a newbie to Tollywood dared to take on Biggies like Venkatesh who stood in Top four heroes with backing of family audience for 25+ years and Mahesh Babu one of No: 1 contender with huge fan base across sections of audience for last 13+ years.  Ramcharan’s Naayak still showed its stamina especially in ceded, Krishna and Nellore after release of SVSC also.while SVSC dominated in other parts of the state.