Twitter: 10 requests from India

Twitter: 10 requests from IndiaIn the first six months of this year, the micro-blogging site Twitter has received around 10 requests from the Indian government for information on criminal cases or copyright violations.

But none of these requests carried complete information. This came to light when Twitter released its first Transparency Report for January to June of this year.

“We’ve received more government requests in the first half of 2012, as outlined in this initial dataset, than in the entirety of 2011,” Twitter noted in a blog. The United States accounted for the most number of requests.

However, the site received plenty of takedown notices for violation of copyright. About 5,275 tweets were removed this year by the site for violation of copyright. Apart from this, a total 599 forms of media, like pictures and videos, were also removed.

About 5,874 accounts were affected as a result. “Each user was notified of the takedown request and subsequent action, and provided with instructions on how to file a counter-notice if they believed the content was removed in error,” the report said.

Requests for removal of tweets that may be a violation of copyright can be made through Twitter’s web form.

“We also receive a large number of misfiled, non-copyright complaints through our web form.”