Twist in dead of two Kannada actors

rp_two-kannada-300x223.jpgTwo Kannada actors, Uday and Anil, drowned at Thippagondahalli reservoir while performing a stunt for a Kannada film. Efforts on to trace the bodies of Uday and Anil, who jumped into a reservoir from a helicopter without life jackets.

Three days after two Kannada actors drowned , Uday’s body was found floating in water in the reservoir. His body was found very close to the location where he drowned. While the body of Anil is yet to be found.

The police have been booked on the charges of culpable homicide under Section 304 of the IPC. They have taken director Nagashekar and producer Sundar Gowda into the custody while the stunt director Ravi Varma is still absconding.

The twist is that The police official opinioned that the incident is a resultant of not just negligence but “intentional negligence”.