TV9’s bad propaganda on Gabbar Singh

TV9 the No # 3 telugu news channel also called the Kamma channel  has shown its caste colours by its bad propaganda about Pawan kalyan’s Gabbr Singh.

TV9 which always claim itself as unbaised channel leave no chance to project Heroes of their community especially Mahesh Babu when it comes to tollywood. When Dookudu and Businessman movies were released from the day one it started telecasting programs to about the movies on a very positive note, claiming and analysing with chat show to prove some how that Mahesh is the no:1 hero of Tollywood.

When Racha was released became a block buster instead of showing the film success ,TV 9 started to claim that Ramcharan is no were near to Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan is not at all in Top list. Today TV 9 has come up with 30mins program used it for bad propaganda of Gabbar singh saying that film is Hit but Kevvu Kekka is utter flop, A lady anchor of Tv9 analysed that Kevvu Keka doesn’t seems to be hot ,sizzling, vulguar.She also said that Malaika Arora was paid 1 crore for the song but she was not that hot,  And said that  satya master team performance in Gabbar Singh audio function was hot & sexy .

This is what,  the TV9  channel use their lady anchors  is quite embarrassing for every one.