TV9 viewership sees lowest after Pawan Kalyan Boycott call

rp_pawan-hindupur-300x200-1-300x200-300x200-300x200-1-300x200.jpgTelugu news channel TV9 viewership takes a serious dip after actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan gave a call to boycott the channel.

Earlier Pawan Kalyan tweeted, “Boycott TV9, TV5, ABN Andhra Jyothi for abusing our mothers, daughters and sisters. And also we have to boycott them for making a business out of nudity and profanity.”

His call effect is clearly visible with the BARC- Broadcasting Audience Research Council Weekly Impressions (000s). The channel has seen the lowest impressions in this year for the week 18. A huge drop in TV9 ratings in last two weeks. TV9 has almost lost around 10 million impressions in just two weeks. However, has managed to remain in No 1 position among news Channels.

Last 18 weeks TV9 Weekly Impressions (000s)

Week 1 TV9 Telugu 52188
Week 2 TV9 Telugu 53427
Week 3 TV9 Telugu 48457
Week 4 TV9 Telugu 51672
Week 5 TV9 Telugu 57415
Week 6 TV9 Telugu 42743
Week 7 TV9 Telugu 39260
Week 8 TV9 Telugu 39164
Week 9 TV9 Telugu 66698
Week 10 TV9 Telugu 41670
Week 11 TV9 Telugu 49332
Week 12 TV9 Telugu 48699
Week 13 TV9 Telugu 43715
Week 14 TV9 Telugu 40834
Week 15 TV9 Telugu 45996
Week 16 TV9 Telugu 42690
After Pawan kalyan Boycott call
Week 17 TV9 Telugu 36602
Week 18 TV9 Telugu 32885