TV9 Ignores Racha

TV9 Ignores Racha

Suppose, Prince Mahesh Babu is the hero of ‘rachcha’, that channel sponsors special programs praising the movie and the hero for at least 5 hours on day one of the release of the movie.

Suppose Young Tiger NTR is the hero of the movie of ‘rachcha’, that channel telecasts special programs on ‘rachcha’ at least for 3 hours.

In fact, what happened on the release day of Ram Charan’s ‘rachcha’? That channel telecasted special programs on ‘rachcha’. But on what basis? Check out the following.

A. In Palakollu, Mega fans attacked on Dasari’s theater and broke the window panes of the theater.

B. In Tirupathi, Mega fans were beaten up by the theater’s management.

WHAT DID YOU UNDERSTAND WITH THE ABOVE ANALYSIS?: We expect that channel tried to make bad propaganda on Chiranjeevi. Is our observation wrong ? You are requested to come out with your genuine comments.