TV5 News runs Anti- Pawan Kalyan debate

tv5-377-300x157TV5 News anchor E Sambashiva Rao, who when interviewing an actor Posani Krishna Murali had suggested that there were “whores” and “brokers” in the Telugu film industry opened a debate on Pawan Kalyan call to boycott TV news channels TV9, TV5 & ABN.

This news anchor who faced the wrath of Telugu film industry continued his debates without tendering a proper apology. The interesting thing about this debate is that he invites Kathi Mahesh who is facing sexual assault allegations, women activist and a TDP leader and no pro-PK member to defend.

All the four claims that media is not bias and doesn’t have secret agenda, the call of Pawan to boycott these channels is immature and unlawful.

If this media has a brave face to show anything, Why this channel has not condemned Chandrababu Naidu when he called for a ban on Sakshi channel? Why this media was not proactive when KCR called for a ban on TV9 and ABN ? . Why has it not called a panellist from PK side in the debate?. Is mudslinging is journalism?

Sambashiva Rao claims he has every right to show anything about anyone and messing up with media or calling for a ban is a waste attempt of Pawan Kalyan as their ratings are not going to effect.