TV channels over excitement on Ram Charan case

One more time  Channels like S***** TV, A*N Andhra****** and S*****  N   ‘s  over excitement on Ramcharan’s security guards attack on two persons,  remained just sensational ! .  These Channels reported that, Ram Charan behaved bullish , Along with 6 security  guards attacked two persons and reported that  a girl was spotted in the car .

Coming to facts, No Cases were booked against Ramcharan or his security guards as those two guys did not dare to land in problems. Although they reached Banjara hills police station but backed without complaining as the police warned the consequences of making false allegations on celebrity .

Meanwhile, the police have watched the CCTV footage and found that  Ram Charan never got down from his car nor manhandled them. Only 4 security guard took part in attack. The traffic police took control over situation within minutes . Ramcharan just parked his Aston Martin car (AP09 AJ 7389) car blocking them  and then called his security guards . The girl in the car is non other than Upasana.  Unless some one files some PIL in court, Police are hands-up in this case,  says a senior police officer.

Earlier , Ram Charan was returning after shopping from Banjara Hills when the incident took place near Taj Krishna traffic signal. When a Maruti Alto car driven by Phanish, who was accompanied by Kalyan, didn’t make way for Ram to take a free left, the actor lost his temper.After yelling at Phanish and Kalyan, Ram made his way through the traffic and parked his car in front of their car. He then called for his entourage and six men arrived on the scene to beat up Kalyan and Phanish ” Circle Inspector Murali of Banjara Hills police station told reporters.