TV channels afraid of Pawan’s ‘CgR’

According to industry sources, no TV channel in the state is ready at the moment to lend their offices or brand name for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. For his upcoming movie ‘Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu’, (CgR) Pawan requires a TV channel as per the demands of character.

Earlier, we have seen some noted Telugu news channels being used in films. But now, they have rejected Puri’s request to give their channel and brand name for shoot. When the movie is hits the screen they get free publicity and die hard fans of Pawan will start watching the same channel in future thus TRS’s will increase for them. But still they rejected because of Pawan’s tikka.

As the movie is targets a politics as well as the present media. One can easily expect how Pawan Kalyan will take punch on the present political circuits in the state through his reporter character in ‘CgR’. Fearing the power of content in ‘Rambabu’, these media houses haven’t given their ‘cut out’ to him, a source stated. For this reason, the makers have already erected a set worth 3 crores in Sarathi Studios.