TV artist in Broker avatar exposed !

Popular YV news channel TV9 has conducted a sting operation on Tollywood casting couch and a popular TV artist who already done some films and bust with daily serials was exposed.

TV9 received many complaints about sexual harassment’s from young girls for roles in movie. Thus, the channel lady journalist in a new avatar as college girl who completed  Acting course approached this TV artist for a role. And this TV artist explained the in & outs of Tollywood and shared her gyan how to grab roles in her own style by luring producers and directors.

Later this TV artist asked this girl to come to a house which tends to be guest house of Union minister and A producer & director of recent hit film also were present to enjoy with the girl, but in the mean time this TV artist found hidden cameras from the girl’s handbag and understood that they are from TV9 , This TV artist along with Producer and director  escaped from there and they also arranged some wild dogs to attack on TV9 team. These culprits are ‘dhenikaina Ready’  for earning money spoiling innocent girls careers.