TSMC suspends 7 Doctors including limb lengthener

nikil-reddyTelangana State Medical Council (TSMC) has suspended seven doctors including Global Hospital Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Chandra Bhushan for indulging in unethical medical practice. Chairmanship of Dr E Ravindra Reddy briefed the media over the suspensions.

Dr Chandra Bhushan was suspended for two years exactly seven months after 23-year-old techie S Nikhil Reddy underwent a controversial limb-lengthening surgery. Dr Chandra Bhushan performed limb lengthening operation for Nikhil Reddy to attain 5.7 foot height .

Dr Namratha of Srushti Test Tube Baby center at KPHB in Hyderabad has been debarred from practice for 5 years.

Dr Rahul Carter of Serenity Foundation (Secunderabad), Dr Hari Kumar Ravva of Mind Crest Hospital of Psychiatry and Rehabilitation (Malakpet, Hyderabad) and Dr Minhaj Zafar Nasirabadi of Samatha Rehabilitation Centre were debarred for 6 months.Dr T Manoj Kumar of Jagitial, Karimnagar district for 3 months.