Truth about Vasireddy Chandrabala and CBI JD Lakshminarayana

When Sakshi TV and YSRC started flashing an unverified document on TV yesterday and started talking about a great conspiracy to ensnare Jagan, one name was prominently featured in their attack. Their attempt at character assasination of the CBI Joint Director Lakshminarayana investigating the Jagan disproptinate assets case prominently featured a lady called Vasireddy Chandrabala.

YSRC and Sakshi TV, through their continuous insinuations began to hint and suggest at something awful about Lakshminarayan’s relationship with her. Other Jagan supporter’s like Venkat Reddy Arikatla on the web almost immediately put up posts to further these insinuations. Another angle stressed by the YSRC spokespersons like Bajireddy and Ambati Rambabu was that Chandrabala also made a few calls to ABN Andhrajyothy MD Vemuri Radha Krishna.

This attack reached a low point with a 9PM promo on Sakshi where play acting was done showing Lakshminarayana calling TV9, ABN, Eenadu and then saying Chandrabala was on the line. The Saakshi video below clearly shows the horrible perspective of Sakshi TV. This is the moral standing of Sakshi media and YSRCP which propose to bring “God’s rule” into Andhra Pradesh.

However, now that these allegations have been made and an innocent and non-political person has been dragged into a shameful political game, it is time to respond.

Today, RK sat down with Vasireddy Chandrabala for a special discussion. The following facts have been established on the show:

  • Vasireddy Chandrabala is an IBM employee in Hyderabad.
  • She is an intermediate classmate of CBI JD Lakshminarayana and personal friends with him.
  • She works for a social organisation called Lead India.
  • The few times she spoke to RK, it was regarding Lead India.
  • She had also provided written correspondence to RK asking for media coverage.
  • She has been friends with Lakshminarayana for many years and she spoke to the JD as he was helping with the empowering youth program. She is also trying organise the golden jubilee function of the school they studied in Srisilam.
  • The JD Lakshminarayana contributes and helps with a number of social programs she runs.
  • She has absolutely no connection with politics and refused to even comment on the Jagan case saying it was not something she was bothered with.
Clearly YSRCP and Sakshi now have a lot of explaining to do. A relationship between Lakshminarayana and Chandrabala based on ideological aspirations to run social programs empowering youth has been used in their shameful game of character assassination.
The collateral damage in their political game was not just ordinary ground level crime reporters but also an innocent person whose only sin has been to have a social conscience. Since yesterday, Vasireddy Chandrabala has been receiving death threats and anonymous threatening phone calls from over zealous Jagan supporters. ABN MD RK and Crime reporters have also received a number of threats from Jagan loyalists.
The following photograhs are from the Inaugural function of Lead India 2020 Training Center at Narkuda, Shamshabad in Ranga Reddy District. It was a 2 Days Orientation Programme for Teachers Empowerment held on 2nd  to 3rd  May 2012.  Chukka Ramiah was the guest on day 1 and CBI JD Lakshmninarayana was the speaker on Day 2. Vasireddi Chandrabala can be seen beside Lakshminarayana running the training camp. Special thanks to Atluri Sri for providing us a link to these photographs. 
Source :ABN