Trust Me I Am With You : Pawan Kalyan

pk-icchapuramJana Sena’s chief Pawan Kalyan interacted with the kidney patients at Ichchapuram.

PawanKalyan listened to the anguish of Uddanam people and assured that Jana sena is to work for betterment.

Pawan Kalyan gave an emotional and sensational speech in Ichapuram. He said, “Trust Me I Am With You “, PawanKalyan questioned the state and the central governments about the kidney issues Ichchapuram and requested to grant a committee. While Janasena is to form a committee to work for the betterment of the lives.

He said, He apologized for the people for the delay in coming to the Uddanam. This problem exists for the last 20 years , He was moved to know that this kidney problem is further worsening and affect the younger generations too.

He said, Its not become he came into politics and want to encash the issue by highlighting it. He said, Instead of pointing out at previous government for bringing it, the present agenda is How to address this problem.