Trump declares North Korea a State Sponsor of Terrorism

rp_Donald-Trump-Kim-Jong-un-300x200.jpgPresident Donald Trump announced that the United States has designated North Korea as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” under Kim Jong-un’s regime, returning the rogue nation to a list from which it had been removed during the George W. Bush administration. This will trigger a new round of sanctions.

Trump says that North Korea should have been labelled a state sponsor of terror “a long time ago, should have happened years ago.” It did. North Korea was added in 1988. Removed in 2008 by George W. Bush.

Tomorrow, the Treasury Department will be announcing an additional sanction, and a very large one, on North Korea, This is a very significant designation because it immediately links North Korea to the “Authorization to Use Military Force” granted by Congress.

Donald Trump in last 24 hours

1. Attacks UCLA basketball players on Twitter.

2. Attacks Marshawn Lynch on twitter.

3. Declares North Korea as a state sponsor of terror.