TRS will form next govt in Telangana : MIM

akbaruddin-owaisi-759MIM Legislative Leader Akbaruddin Owaisi predicted that TRS will form the next government in Telangana.

He said that the TRS government is working towards the welfare of minorities. He spoke in a short-term debate on the welfare of ministers in the Assembly.

He praised the govt for starting the minority gurukul in the state . The government has also paid the scholarship dues of the last government. He urged the govt to setup Minority Study Circles in each district.

The past governments did not think about the Imam and Maujas. He asked the The KCR-led government to help the Muslims like they do for SCs and STs.

Akbaruddin said that TRS and MIM will work together in the 2019 elections and form the govt. Recalling that the opposition was lost in the GHMC elections. He hoped that the same results would be repeated in 2019.