TRS wants to use Pawan’s image to build momentum

Why Telangana state still not formed ??  despite of   several movements,  The main reason is Telnagana leader  and the people of Telangana themselves.  Telangana leader have compromised their protests for personal benefits making the people of this region to suffer for their political mileage. People of this region blindly believed their leaders but leader always betrayed them, from  Channa Reddy to KCR.  Movement always pick up for a some time and again falls to its core.

Recently , In many instances , movement picked up and deals were set in Delhi  to stub the movement, Now the Telangana movement’s potential  has fallen such low, that they want  use Pawan Kalyan’s image to build up the momentum, A TRS leader  said its time to regain the  lost glory with this issue. This is nothing but a worst level in the history of Telangana Movement .  While, TRS still feel that they have taken the patent of Telangana for their barbaric acts as Maharashtra’s Bal Thackeray did , But people to Maharashtra gave him the right place for spoiling peace and tranquility of the region by making him to sit in opposition for more than 2 terms. Now its time for Telangana people to do same thing with TRS.

It was the biggest mistake of late CM  YS.Rajashekar Reddy  to go  hand to hand with TRS in 2004 elections and later Naidu did the same in 2009 elections, Otherwise TRS would have vanished till now. Nobody objects for a separate demand but disturbing peace of people with their shameful acts  to build the momentum is not commendable .