TRS raise objections on Revanth’s abuses

revanth-kcrRevanth Reddy speaking after his release from jail has slammed Telangana CM KCR and stated that he is taking revenge for raising the public issues.

He said, His only goal is to dethrone KCR.and making his family members stay out of politics , for this he is ready to fight for 30 years.

TRS leaders were shocked watching Revanth’s scathing attack on CM KCR during the speech. TRS leaders expressed huge objection and said that it projects Revanth’s arrogance of not respecting a Chief Minister and said that it seems Revanth has burst his frustration of being in jail out.

A leader from TRS said, Revanth made such lafoot, Latkhor and Donga panulu and abusing the CM as Dadamma, Sannasi and Dagilbaji is highly objectionable.