TRS flag in Warangal Bastion

trsPolling in the Warangal Parliamentary By-election ended peacefully , About 68.59 per cent voting was recorded.

Palakurthi 77%
Parakala, Wardhannapet – 71 %
Bupale Palli – 70%
Station Ghanpur – 68%
Warangal west 48%
Warangal East -62%

According to Survey Conducted by Nava Telangana – TRS has got vote share of 50% in a sample of 2000. While Congress and BJP parties have got around 20% . Rest is shared by others .

This gives a clear cut majority to TRS . People who are vexed with the ruling party did not find a perfect alternative as the opposition party candidates turned dummy . They could not expose the failure of the ruling party.

While YSRCP played a key role in splitting the votes of anti-government. With all these factors TRS to be the winner in Warangal.