TRS demands justice to AP

rp_K-Keshava-Rao-1-300x211.jpgTRS MP Kesava Rao questioned in Rajya Sabha that why nobody is showing sympathy to Telangana which lost as part of bifurcation?.

He asked the Center to do justice to the AP and also to Telangana. On Tuesday (July 24), he spoke in a short-term debate on the issue of AP bifurcation law and special status in Rajya Sabha. Kesava Rao questioned many of the issues mentioned in the Partition Act, which were not implemented.

Kesha Rao recalled that the case was filed in the court on the division of the law. The Center is delaying the issue in the High Court. When asked the Law minister about it, he said, There is no right answer from the Minister of Law. He demanded centre to do justice to AP granting special status, Kadapa Steel Plant and also the Bayyaram Steel Plant to Telangana.