Further trouble for Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavaasi

largo-agnyaFurther trouble for Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavaasi over French film ‘LARGO WINCH’ copyright issue.

T-Series which owns the remake rights of the ‘LARGO WINCH’ film to approach the court to ban Agnyaathavaasi film .

Agnyaathavaasi is not just inspired from ‘ Largo Winch ‘, but story and a number of scenes are lifted as it is. Not sure how Trivikram and his team tried to get away.

Reacting on this issue, Largo Winch director Jerome Salle said, “Screening at #LeBrady tonight. Great atmosphere thanks to the audience. I could‘ve loved the movie but unfortunately the plot was too familiar. #LargoWinch #Agnyaathavaasi”

“I’m afraid a settlement with T-series will not be enough. It’s not only about India. The movie #Agnyaathavaasi has been released worldwide yesterday.” (sic)