Trisha’s father Krishnan passes away !

Actress Trisha’s father Krishnan (68) is no more. He succumbed to cardiac arrest at a private hotel in Hyderabad few minutes back. Condolences to Trisha and her mother.

Krishnan, Trisha’s father, worked as a manager in a five star hotel and lives alone. Mummy Uma Krishnan is Trisha’s constant aide and manager, looking after her call sheets and appointments. Both the mother and daughter keep shuttling between Chennai and Hyderabad frequently as Trisha is quite busy both in Tamil and Telugu. What is it that has split the couple? Krishnan was never interested in making his daughter an actress.

He wanted her to study and come up in life. Show business was not his cup of tea. Her mother on the other hand, always wanted Trisha to become a celebrity in show business and modeling. In fact it was she who had groomed Trisha into a successful model and actress. Today, it is two establishments at home. Her Father living alone and mother with her busy traveling, keeping shooting appointments. If reports are to be believed even on the days that the three come together, her father and mother don’t speak to each other.