Trisha leda Nayanthara Movie Review – Indian Pie

trisha-leda-nayanataraTitle : Trisha leda Nayanthara
Director : Adhik Ravichandran
Producer : Rishi Media
Music Director : G. V. Prakash Kumar
Starring : G.V. Prakash Kumar, Anandhi, Simran Rating 2.5/5

Story : 

Jeeva(GV Prakash), Ramya (Anandi) and Aditi (Manisha Yadav) born in same hospital and Jeeva ends up in the middle with Ramya and Aditi on either side .

As Jeeva reaches adolescent age, he falls in love with Ramya at school.But she ditches Jeeva when he exhibits his sexual intentions, which spreads in school .

Later, Jeeva comes close to Aditi who tends to have male characters , she boozes, smokes and Jeeva gets dumped. he moves to his uncle place, who runs a bar. He meets Ramya and romance starts . Now Jeeva ditches Ramya and escapes . But Why? .


Young Prakash fits perfectly into the role of Jeeva , Manisha Yadav is used for oomph factor . Simran Plays the role of an aunty, Anandi looks cute .The film is filled with anti-women dialogues and double meaning dialogues . Its a mix of Sunny Leone’s  adult movie and Hollywood adult comedy films like American Pie. Jeeva first kiss, his excitement in Aditi room are interesting.

When Ramya and Aditi dumps Jeeva , Aunty Sriman comes into play to help our hero. Jeeva is heartbroken when he finds out Ramya has lost her virginity to someone else after they broke up. The Beginning of the film was slow, first half of the film is quite entertaining and the second half moves slowly .  The biggest setback is that, the film do not have Telugu nativity. From the beginning to end  Tamil flavour dominates .Overall it’s a naughty film with silly scenes to keep youth engaged.