Trisha indirectly confirms her marriage with Raana

The latest chat in the net is that Trisha is going to marry Telugu actor next year. Raana is the grandson of the popular film producer D. Rama Naidu.

Raana is acting in Telugu and Hindi films. He is foraying into the Tamil film industry by sharing the screen with Ajith and Arya in the film being directed by Vishnuvardhan.

When Trisha paired with Raana in a Telugu film, both of them became very close friends. Now there is news that their friendship has now blossomed into romance.

In the recent film functions, Trisha is seen together with Raana. Raana’s sister engagement function took place recently.

Only Raana’s family members were present in this function but the only actor who was present was Trisha. There was sensational news saying, “Both of them are deeply in love. Raana’s sister marriage is to take place during the month of December. After this Raana- Trisha’s marriage will be taking place next year.”

Trisha while mentioning about this said, ” I also have read this news.  Wait until the concerned people speak.”