Trisha feels fantastic about Dammu

Trisha has every reason to be happy. Her Telugu flick, Dammu, which hit the screens recently, seems to be enjoying a good run at the box office.

However, the petite actress is not surprised at the success of the film. “It’s not just me,” she says, “All of us had a really good feeling during the making of the film.

It has all the elements of a hit; there’s action, drama, and family sentiments. We all knew it would do very well, but it still feels fantastic!” The film, which also stars Karthika of Ko fame, has Trisha in a very glamorous role. Did she do anything special to achieve the look?

“Most of the credit goes to my designer Shweta. It was our first time working together and when you work with someone new, it gives you a fresh perspective that can translate into something different on screen.

I wore a lot of lehengas in the second half of the film — something that I haven’t done before. It complemented my look very well,” she explains.

With all the hype surrounding the film, we wonder if the focus will now shift to her performances and movies instead of her personal life.

She diplomatically replies, “There are two sides to everything. If my movies are not being written about, then it is my personal life. At the end of the day, what matters is news.”

It’s not an easy ride to the top and being the numero uno heroine in not one, but two industries is no mean feat.

Trisha, however, claims to be unaffected by it all, “Honestly, I don’t believe in the numbers game. You do a film, it works, and you are number one.

Then someone else comes along and the number one changes. I have believed in sustaining myself with good credible roles and that has worked.”

In an industry where actresses have a short shelf life, what does she want to be remembered for? “You know, to be a star, you need to be backed up by great roles and great characters.

I want to be remembered for roles I did in films such as VTV, and other Telugu films, in which the roles were written for me,” she smiles.

It’s not all work and no play for Trisha, and we hear that she is off to Thailand with her girlfriends to celebrate her birthday on May 4.

“Well, that’s what we have planned, but things can change,” she laughs. Post the holiday, she will be back to work shooting for Samaran with Vishal, and her next K’wood project with Jiiva.