Trisha about Pawan, Mahesh and Prabhas

trisha-mahesh-pawan-prabhasTrisha talked about her upcoming film and gave the scoop on her adventurous side through twitter with #asktrisha tag.

Fan: Tell me about yourself in one word?
Trisha: Unpredictable
Fan: What is your fitness mantra?
Trisha: Portion control with food
Fan: One word about Pawan Kalyan ?
Trisha : Unique
Fan: What do you like in Pawan Kalyan ?
Trisha: He is the only one who lives in his own style without out stardom .
Fan: If you like ice-cream? Chocolate?
Trisha: Ice-cream
Fan: In recent years, the movie that you liked?
Trisha: Sultan
Fan: your favorite travel destination?
Trisha: New York
Fan: What question do you hate?
Trisha: When will you get married !!
Fan: Your favorite subjects in school?
Trisha: Math, English
Fan: Share your experience working with Mahesh babu?
Trisha: Such a professional and sweet superstar
Fan: Share your experience working with Prabhas?
Trisha: He is truly the industry’s darling
Fan: How you handle controversial topics?
Trisha: Amused
Fan: Your favorite comedian?
Trisha: Vivek
Fan: Can you cook?
Trisha: I can survive
Fan: Your favorite car?
Trisha: BMW
Fan: Your favorite actress?
Trisha: Priyanka Chopra
Fan: Your next ‘Trisha’ Who say that?
Trisha: I know that there are no
Fan: Your favorite actor, Hollywood actor?
Trisha: Salman Khan, Leonardo DiCaprio
Fan: Your nickname in friends group?
Trisha: Trash