Trisha a Flop show, Karthika a disaster

Two heroine movies are very much part of Tollywood culture.But the way they are presented, and their value addition to the movie plays a significant role movies fate.Dammu is seriously crippled on this front.Both heroines competed with each other to provide nothing but a disaster show.With Trisha clearly showing signs of aging, Karthika offered a torturous meal to audience.

Karthika’s extra height and Trisha’s extra weight completely spoiled the sensibility in the songs.Trisha could barely move her feat in fast beats and Karthika, though tried her level best, was too awkward with her weird makeup andhorrible costumes.Coming to the performance, Karthika’s ‘Boothu’ dialogues made her look more like an cheap item girl but not a regular heroine.To summarize, there is hardly any difference between two item girls and two heroine in ‘Vasthu Bagundhi’ song.Anyways Boyapati himself is not clear whats in offering with two heroines.

Post Dammu, it would be interesting to see whether any producer will ever dare to offer Trisha a role beside any contemporary heroes.And only a miracle will offer Karthika another opportunity.