Tripura Movie Review : Ghost Cameo

tripura-reviewTitle : Tripura
Star Cast : Swathi, Naveen Chandra
Producer : Chinababu & M Rajasekhar
Director : Raj Kiran
Music : Kamran
Banner: Crazy Media 2.75/5

Tripura (Swathi Reddy) is a village girl, who has extra sense to dream the future happening. Her father takes her to a specialist who refers to his assistant Chandra(NaveenChandra) who is a doctor by profession . Both become friend and love blossoms , Chandra find Tripura as his dream girl and marries her. They star a new like by taking a apartmentment in the city, which is spoofy type. Swathi doubts her husband and try to explore his past where the relation between Chandra and Eesha (Pooja ) comes to light. Who is Eesha? what happened to her? What problems do this couple face?… Forms the plot.


Sawti for the first time played a title role , she has performed exceptionally well and gave her best in all angles. Naveen Chandra was good in his role Rao Ramesh as villain was fantastic to watch. Pooja Ramachandra had a limited role. Rao Ramesh played a key role. Saptagiri brings some fun with his butler hindi as Sanyasi Raju.


Tirupa is coming with high expectations as the director Raj Kiran has earlier scored a superhit film Geethanjali in same comedy-horror genre. Rajkiran reportedly spent 3 months of his life in living relationship with ghosts. However his Tripura lacks freshness as the story is predictable and the director fails to embed the required numbers of scenes to thrill the audience. However Sapthagiri comedy is a sign of relief for the film. The cinematography is good, BGM is not up to the standard for such films. Veligonda Srinivas & Kona Venkat screenplay is interesting. The biggest misus is the routine story and music as Kamaran fails completely. The first half has some suspense with sapthagiri comedy and the second half with sixth sense and flash back where the Ghost plays a cameo. Overall the movie dragging but entertaining.


One Time Watch