Top ‘Politician’ In KA Paul’s Murder Case

KA Paul’s brother David Raju’s murder case is taking new twists with each day, after the arrest of Paul for the murder. Police sources are now saying that a top-level senior politician and a police boss are associated with KA Paul.

Mahabubnagar police who are dealing with David Raju’s murder case that dates back to 2010 are stunned with the findings, says a report. The probe is said to be revealing that a top level politician and police boss are involved in bailing out KA Paul from the case. Ever since he is arrested on May 21, Paul is behaving/acting differently to mislead the investigation teams, but Police have still cracked some vital information, say reports. Who is that top politician and to which party he belongs is the question media is trying to find answers for.

On the flipside, doctors who are attending Paul at Gandhi Hospital confirmed that the evangelist is acting in the name of pains and there is no ill-health as cited by him. Police are waiting for technical confirmations, to book some more cases on Paul.