Top hero fans behind CGR attacks !!

Rivalry among heroes is not new in Tollywood, It started at NTR- ANR  time and still continuing, At NTR-ANR time it was a professional rivalry, later at Chiranjeevi time it was records rivalry, but now the manner in which it has turned into is quite  shameful.

According to reports, Pawan Kalyan’s  ‘Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu’ got positive reviews and collected 9.16 crore share in Andhra Pradesh itself  which is an All Time Record  and news that Pawan might be declared as the No:1 hero of Tollywood , which has created a panic situation for a rival heroes fans who plunged into action inform of Telangana Students and attacked the CGR screening theaters  stating that movie has some objectionable comments on Telangana , damaged the theaters and poster and furniture to satisfy their egos.

Police has arrested 15 of them and booked cases against them for this nonsense,  Out of 15 people arrest 10 of them belongs to a top hero fans who is one of the top contender for No:1 chair along with Pawan Kalyan . More surprising , one of them arrested  holds top position in the fans organisation. These attacks are turned into organised crime came out of jealousy on the name of Telangana with a single motto to stop Pawan Kalyan occupying the No:1 position.