Top engineering colleges may hike fee

Fee in at least a few top engineering and other professional colleges may be hiked this year with the Supreme Court asking the State government to provide an opportunity to some colleges to present their views over fee hike.

Out of the 900-odd colleges, only 44 colleges submitted their financial statements for revision of fee to the Admission and Fee Regulation Committee (AFRC) as per guidelines and these colleges will now get a chance to present their views. Officials said among them only a few have submitted proposals and documents in support of their claim and they may seek a revision in fee for the 2012-13 academic year.

A senior official agreed that the government may be forced to increase the fee in those colleges, which can satisfy the AFRC that they have been implementing the UGC pay scales to teachers and provided all the facilities to students as per the norms. However, the final picture is likely to emerge on May 9 when the government has to submit its report in the Supreme Court.


Officials said among the 44 colleges some have promised to implement the scales if fee is hiked while some claimed that they are in the process of providing salaries as per pay scales. However, only a few colleges have submitted documents to prove they are already implementing the pay scales.

Officials agreed that they would have no other option but to increase the fee if the Supreme Court directs so. However, the hike will be limited to some among these 44 colleges only that include some top colleges preferred by the top rankers.