Top 10 Silk Smitha Seduction scenes


 Top 10 Silk Smitha Seduction scenes
Silk Smitha is pruning plants in her garden wearing sexy shorts. When Kamal Hassan comes to meet her, she tries to seduce him with her thigh and cleavage show.
In the film Layanam that made Silk Smitha an overnight sex-symbol, she seduces a young boy and they made love.


A photographer lures Silk Smitha to her house, strips her to her undergarments and then hypnotizes her to click her nude pictures in a bath-tub.


Silk Smitha says how she keeps herself warm in winters with her inner fire of passion. In this scene she makes love with a much older man who she is married to.


Silk Smitha checks a modern-art semi-nude poster on wall and gets turned on. She tries to imitate the pose of the model in the poster.
Silk Smitha does a tribal dance in her bare minimal to seduce Chiranjeevi in this song.


In this scene from the Tamil film Billu Badshah, Silk Smitha undrapes her saree and gets inside the bed to falsely accuse a man of raping her.


In another scene from Sadma, a sex-starved Silk Smitha lifts hers dress tight-high to seduce Kamal Hasaan and suggests for some action.
Silk Smitha rips off her blouse and accuses an unaware innocent train co-passenger of raping her. It’s a trap by the villain to get him arrested.


Silk Smitha gets an oil massage by her lover as she complains of a cramp in her leg. Another trademark seduction scene from her films!
Source: TOI