Top 10 reasons for Jagan’s victory

1) YS Jagan’s arrest just before few days of by-poll polling.

2) Vijayamma’s dharna at Dilkusha Guest House.

3) Sharmila’s fiery speeches targetting Congress and TDP.

4) Vijayamma teary-eyed by-poll campaign.

5) Ghulam Nabi Azad’s comments during by-poll campaign that Jagan would have been CM by now, if he had stayed back in Congress.

6) Congress, TDP’s failure in taking the message into the people that Jagan was arrested because of the huge financial fraud committed by him.

7) Shifting Jagan from Chanchalguda to CBI Court in an ordinary van, instead of a bullet proof vehicle despite having a Z-category security.

8) Women factor (Vijayamma, Sharmila) worked in favor of YSRC. Majority of female voters thronged to polling booths to show their support for this mother and daughter.

9) Ill-faith in Congress & TDP, and faith in the leadership of YS Jagan.

10) Perfect planning by YSRC top brass leaders. They cashed on each and every opportunity that came their way.