Top 10 factors for Congress defeat in Karnataka elections

karnatakaThe people of Karnataka gave a historic mandate, People once again reiterate their faith & confidence in the leadership of Narendra Modi.

The biggest takeaway from Karnataka Verdict is voters’ rejection of Congress’s divisive politics. That “BJP is a north Indian party” and “affluent south Indian states are funding regressive north Indian states) campaign clearly didn’t work.

People of Karnataka want good governance, that is why they have chosen BJP. This is a big victory for the party. While the Congress is losing state after state & we are winning state after state.

BJP leading on 37 seats in Lingayat-dominant constituencies, Congress not leading even at half the numbers. Dividing Hindus has clearly backfired for Congress.

The Modi & Shah duo has taken India one more step closer to Congress Mukt Bharat. Congress still arrogant and not ready to concede that it’s a failure of the Rahul Gandhi leadership. They are busy blaming EVMs & claiming Moral Victory, instead of introspecting. Rahul Gandhi, even after record 30th loss, emerges as a new hope and claims Moral Victory. The people of Karnataka chooses LOTUS over the LOOT-US government.

The factors that influenced Karnataka elections

1 Divide Hindus
2 Tipu Sultan Jayanti
3 Hooliganism
4 Farmers’ Suicides
5 Deaths by Potholes
6 Anna Bhagya Scam
7 Govt Hospital became a gambling den
8 Govt School served Alcohol
9 No State funeral for Kargil Hero

11.Prakash Raj: Kuch Bhi